At the end of the hallway she turns and says, “Have a piece of cake for me, all right? The chocolate. It’s delicious.” She has been to the compound before. She remembered this hallway. She knows about the initiation process. My mother was Dauntless.

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"My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s okay."
Rachel Wolchin (via larmoyante)
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"What’s a soulmate? Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens, you’ll always love her. Nothing can ever change that”.

"This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They are s o u l m a t e s”.

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Oh, shit.”

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Wow what a beautiful day oh wait a rapist and murderer still gets away with it bc blue eyes

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question asked by Anonymous: You do realise Damon didn't rape anyone, right? The only thing he forced on Caroline was to feed on her. She wanted to have sex with him, the second she laid her eyes on him. Don't make Damon a rapist, when he isn't one.


  1. The second Caroline found out Damon was a vampire, she wanted to leave. DAMON DIDN’T LET HER LEAVE. He stopped her, he threw her back on the bed, he forced himself on her to feed off her, and then he COMPELLED HER TO BE OKAY WITH IT. THAT’S NOT CONSENT.
  2. Caroline consented to the sex until she found out he was a vampire. Then she changed her mind.
  3. You are allowed to changed your mind at any stage in a relationship. You are allowed to refuse sex to your boyfriend, to your husband, to your friend with benefits. You are allowed to start sex but then change your mind halfway through. At any point you are allowed to say “I don’t want this any more” and the other party must listen to you and stop.
  4. Damon didn’t listen to Caroline. Instead, he compelled her to be okay with the fact he was a vampire.
  5. Caroline wanted to have sex with Damon before she found out he was a vampire, not after.
  6. When Damon compelled Caroline to be okay with him being a vampire, to let him feed off her, and to do chores for him, he took away her ability to consent. It wasn’t just him compelling her to let him feed off her, it was compelling her to stay with him and not be afraid. It was him suddenly making her okay with the fact HE WOULD KILL HER.
  7. EX. Caroline: “Will you kill me?” Damon: “Yes.” (Actual quotes from the show.) This conversation ends with Caroline giggling and kissing Damon.
  8. A girl in her right mind would not be having such a nonchalant conversation about the fact Damon is planning on killing her.
  9. It’s like finding out your boyfriend is a serial killer, trying to break up up with him only to have him hypnotize you to stay with him.
  10. It’s not consent!
  11. You can’t consent to sex under vampire compulsion.
  12. Damon a rapist, but he also raped multiple women besides Caroline. Any woman he compelled to let him feed off of and compelled to be in a relationship with him, he raped.
  13. Using this logic, Katherine also raped Stefan. Which is why I continually say Katherine and Damon are one in the same.

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Daily reminder stefan slays your favorites

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15-Year-Old African Kid Tells Madonna To Go ‘Have Sex’ with Herself


Dakarai Molokomme, a 15-year-old starving child from a small village in Zimbabwe, has just told , one of the most famous pop stars in the world, to  and f*** , the local media are reporting exclusively.

“Yes, it’s true, I told Madonna to go f*** herself. Do you want to know why?” Dakarai asked. “It’s the same thing every time with these snobby rich Americans. Every once in a while they come to show us their support for the so-called eradication of poverty by adopting a child from a starving family, but they actually do more harm than good. Transracial international adoptions are part of the white savior industrial complex,” Dakarai explained.

In further discussions with journalists from the media, the  stated that “none of the children here actually want to be taken away from their family and friends so they can be displayed as some kind of trophy in the homes of self-righteous singers or actors who want to score some points with the media and Oprah.”

“If they really want to help us, they should get Big Pharma to ship us some anti-retroviral drugs for the AIDS epidemic, or build schools and hospitals. If they don’t want to do that, then they can all go f** themselves!” the child told reporters.

The 15-year-old also stated that he would say the same thing to any one of those American or European “faux humanitarian posers”, except for Bono, whom he said he would also kick in the groin.

“Bono’s efforts to save the African savage from itself prove that the colonial imperative is alive and well,” Dakarai said as he walked with other village children collecting sticks to build a tree fort.


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